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Avast! Internet Security -encompasses all the high technology for one purpose: to provide you with thehighest cấp độ of protection against computer viruses. avast! Internet Securityincludes antivirut Avast, & virtualization module processes, anti-spam filtervà built-in firewall. Supported by a virus in the letters, there is a scriptblocker. Virus database is constantly updated & can be downloaded via theInternet.

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The solution of avast!Internet Security provides comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware,spam, & firewall protection with the help and now supplemented by newgiải pháp công nghệ, avast! SafeZone. This giải pháp công nghệ creates an isolated virtualdesktop invisible khổng lồ potential attackers, where it is safe khổng lồ make purchases& banking transactions online.

In the avast! 7 Beta, a newtype of installation in compatibility mode. It will install avast! togetherwith other anti-vi khuẩn, which is already in use on the computer. It will bepossible, as in compatibility mode, not all functions will be established antivirusavast!.
• Antivirus and antispywarekernel - the core Innovative sầu Scanning protects against viruses, spyware andother harmful agents.
• Protection against rootkitsin real time - Prevents loading hidden malware (rootkits) that during the bootprocess the computer is invisible to other scanners.
• Automatic firewall - Blockshackers from using the heuristic & behavioral analysis, as well as"white" danh sách of safe applications.
• Anti-spam - Comprehensivespam & phishing filter, which functions as a plug-in for MS Outlook andgeneral proxy for other POP3/IMAP4 tin nhắn clients.
• avast! WebRep - Providesratings of reliability & reputation of the website based on feedbaông chồng from theuser community.
• avast! CommunityIQ - Ourtechnology uses a global network of sensors to transmit to lớn us (anonymous) dataon the actual experiences of the Internet users of avast!, Wished to leavecomments. These are then used khổng lồ protect all users of avast! by providing thelatest information about viruses & infected website sites.
Thanks khổng lồ the avast!CommunityIQ over the past 30 days, avast! identified 73,711 infected Web sitesvà defended 122,464,309 users of their visit.

• The scanner operating atsystem initialization - Scans your computer for infection even before the OSwill be able to lớn activate any viruses contained in it (now supported in Windows7 and Windows Vista).
• avast! SafeZone - Opens new(empty) desktop so that other applications are not "see" what ishappening - the perfect solution lớn carry out banking operations or secureordering và purchasing goods. Following the closure does not leave sầu "footprints".
• AutoSandbox - Offers usersto lớn run suspicious applications in a virtual environment "sandbox."
• avast! Sandbox - Providesan extra layer of protection for your PC & its applications in a virtualenvironment in which no attacks will not go unnoticed (instead of a real PC).
• Intelligent Scanner -Reduces the number of inspections required for 80% of files with"white" danh sách of safe applications. Files identified as safe, notre-scanned, unless they are changed.
• Mode "withoutnotification / game" - Automatically detects and disables full-screenapplications, "pop-up" windows, and other notifications withoutcompromising security.
• «Green» Computer - consumesa minimum of computer resources through effective sầu and efficient technology.
• Screen-mail - Checks allincoming & outgoing mail for malicious software (for MS Outlook uses aspecial plug-in).
• Web-based screen - Scansall website pages viewed, downloaded files và java-script. With intelligent streamscanning the web screen will not slow down your online experience.
• Screen P2Phường / IM screen -Checks files downloaded using P2P-programs, the use of instant messaging programsor chat rooms.
• Firewall - Providesprotection against network viruses from two components: Blocking URL-addressesto blochồng malicious URL và undemanding to lớn resources of the intrusion detectionsystem.
• The screen scripts -Detects malicious scripts hidden in Web pages, not letting them take control ofyour computer & cause potential harm to hlặng.
• The screen behavior -Blocks threats of "zero day" and unknown malware even before thevirus definitions.

• Heuristic core -Proactively detect malware is not detectable using standard definitions andvirut signatures.
• The emulator code -implemented the principle of dynamic translation, different speed thantraditional emulation, for a total extraction of heuristic and within thenucleus.
• Automatic processing -Infected files are processed automatically without requiring user instructions.
• Intelligent update of virusdefinitions - Incremental update minimizes the tệp tin form size of regular updates.
• Fast application of updates- new tệp tin format speeds up the vi khuẩn definitions updates và reduces the needfor CPU và memory resources, thereby ensuring smooth operation of yourcomputer.

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• Optimization of multi-test- Ability to lớn separate large files between the nuclei, thereby accelerating theprocess of checking for new multi-core CPUs và further increases the tốc độ ofthe avast!.