Ji Chang Wook recalled his unforgettable first encounter with his co-star, Ha Ji Won.Having starred as emperor ‘Ta Hwan’ in MBC’s recently ended drama Empress Ki, JI Chang Wook acted out a character who went through numerous transformations but had absolute love towards Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won).Having partnered with Ha Ji Won, who is known to make her co-stars shine, Ji Chang Wook said, “Ha Ji Won nuna is a bright person in my memory. She is very cheerful và makes the opposite actor happy.”He continued, “Empress Ki was a very busy character in Empress Ki. Sometimes filming went on for two khổng lồ three days và she couldn’t even eat at regular times, but nuna was always smiling at the filming site. As a junior actor, I always liked that about her. I thought I should learn from her when I saw her always smiling & treating other people comfortably.”However, his first encounter with Ha Ji Won was not so comfortable.Ji Chang Wook shared, “Ji Won numãng cầu is also shy at first. It was really uncomfortable in the beginning. I couldn’t talk to her comfortably since she was my senior and an actress. I couldn’t say ‘Do you want to smoke with me?’ either because she doesn’t even smoke.”He continued to reminisce, “As I was contemplating how I should approach her, it was our turn to lớn film our first scene together. It was the scene where we have a horse race & that was the first time I ever talked to her. I said, ‘Numãng cầu, you’re my senior at my school,’ & she simply just said, ‘Ah, really.’” Ji Chang Wook recalled, “I was panicking because the conversation didn’t carry on. Usually people ask, ‘What year are you, what classes did you take’ but when I heard her response, I was in a state of confusion và panic.”Ji Chang Wook continued, “I never met her privately or drank with her. We got close to each other naturally as we filmed together. There are scenes where ‘Seung Nyang’ and ‘Ta Hwan’ play around each other in the earlier episodes of Empress Ki, which reminded me of thắm thiết comedy. So we got close by laughing and joking around each other a lot. I got really comfortable with her later on.”He also said, “When I’m talking khổng lồ her, I can’t tell the age gap between us. She really thinks & acts lượt thích a girl. I thought she would be boyish but she’s really feminine và laughs at anything I say.”Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook has been keeping busy with various schedules since finishing Empress Ki. He said, “I think I’m sought after more than before.

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I’m very grateful for that. I’m going to try khổng lồ enjoy and have fun in anything I vày.”source: mwave