Article: "Ulzzang" Hong Young Ki, already the mother of a child "I gave birth to lớn a precious life"Source: Newdaily via Nate1. <+453, -31> They"re đôi mươi.. 23 years old? The baby looks at least 100 days old.. và they"ve only been dating for two years so if you take out the 10 months the baby was in the womb, she got pregnant when they were both still minors.2. <+462, -95> This news will bring a lot of hateful comments but a new life has been born và they should be given blessings. Despite the circumstances, one of the biggest reasons people oppose getting married early is because of financial difficulties but they"ve already made quite a lot of money from their shopping mall. Live happily.3. <+332, -9> Hul... this is shocking. 4. <+61, -2> The baby"s father was born in "95...5. <+59, -1> It"s great that she didn"t get an abortion and is trying khổng lồ take responsibility for the life she created but it surprises me how many people think lightly of a minor engaging in sex without birth control... I don"t think I"m conservative but this is fairly shocking. Is this how young people think of sex nowadays? At least Jang Bum Joon and his wife are both adults.6. <+56, -1> It"s only because they"re young that they think they"re in love sầu right now... There is an order to lớn everything. I just hope that they take responsibility for that life as parents and raise hlặng well.7. <+54, -1> So she got pregnant when Lee Se Yong was 18;;; not even a few months after they started dating;8. <+45, -1> The boy was in high school and got her pregnant two months after they started dating. That"s nothing good. 9. <+45, -5> Nowadays, pre-martial pregnancies have become no big giảm giá khuyến mãi. Maybe I"m conservative but I don"t lượt thích that..10. <+41, -1> When the kid goes to lớn college, his dad will barely be in his thirties... Pregnant & married two months after dating in his sophomore year of high school.. Daebak... Absolutely shocking for me as a conservative sầu.-

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Afreeca streamer infamous for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun headlines for receiving 700 million won in donations in 5 days

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