After making a giảm giá with a supernatural figure, two high schoolers emerge with extraordinary powers and join forces to solve a murder.

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César nominee Nemo Schiffman stars with Carl Malapage authority và Manon Bresch in this series created by Frédéric Garcia (" France"
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Supernatural Powers
After making a giảm giá khuyến mãi with a supernatural figure, two high schoolers emerge with extraordinary powers and join forces to solve sầu a murder.

Determined lớn find his missing brother, high school troublemaker Sofiane ropes timid classmate Victor inlớn a pact with a mysterious figure.

As Sofiane experiments with his new powers, Victor discovers he has a gift of his own. School counselor Audrey investigates a troubling trover.

Rumors about the night of the tiệc nhỏ skết thúc Luisa on a desperate quest for answers, and drive a wedge between Victor and Sofiane.

After exposing the source of the video clip, Sofiane & Victor zero in on a new suspect, và Luisa gets a terrifying glimpse of their powers.

A journey inkhổng lồ a classmate's mind leaves Victor traumatized. Luisa uses Voodoo khổng lồ help Sofiane traông chồng down the house from Reda's Clip.

With their lives spiraling out of control, Victor and Sofiane set out to lớn confront the killer, và Luisa hatches a plan to banish Obé bỏng.

When Obé returns — in a startling new khung — & begins to lớn raise an army of followers at the school, Sofiane, Victor and Luisa race to lớn stop a disaster.

Victor returns from the hospital to find Sofiane & Luisa locked in a fresh struggle with Obé xíu — under the watchful eye of a new school nurse.

Sofiane realizes the Marking may have unintended consequences. Luisa faces a harrowing thử nghiệm. A blackout leads Victor lớn a disturbing discovery.

Onhỏ bé challenges Sofiane khổng lồ a fight lớn decide Reda's fate once & for all. Meanwhile, Victor confronts a painful chapter from his past.

While her grandmother tends khổng lồ Victor, Luisa gets her first glimpse of the Power. A revelation draws everyone into the woods for a nighttime ceremony.

A road trip to find a new victlặng for Onhỏ bé turns inlớn an emotional odyssey as Victor, Sofiane and Luisa grapple with haunting memories.

A surprise attachồng sends Onhỏ bé over the edge. Luisa embarks on a perilous mission. As more Désandans arrive, an epic showdown unfolds at the school.

Carl MalapaNémo SchiffmanManon BreschCorentin FilaSamày OutalbaliAnaïs ThomasFirmine RichardLéa LéviantMarvin DubartStéphane Brel
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